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International Journal of Sport Studies

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Evaluating the Qualitative Status of Work Life of Employed Disables

With Focus on Sport Activity

Mahdi Sharifi Moghadam. Mehdi Namazi Zadeh. Esmaeil Sharifian. Faezeh Zamanian.Ali moharer


The Effect of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Training on Hamstring Muscles Flexibility and Agility

Reza Rezaeeshirazi. Farnaz Zanganeh. Yaghob Beiki


Factors Associated With The Incidence of Injury Wrestling From The Perspective of Wrestlers

Naser Tagibeglo. Farnaz Zanganeh. Zabiholah Tarasi. Davood Moganloo


Determination of the Thoracic Kyphosis and lumbar lordosis in the Male Students and its Relationship with Some Daily Habits

Zabiholah Tarasi . Hojat Mohammadi Mougani. Farnaz Zanganeh. Ali Kalantari. Naser Tagibeglo


A Comparison of the Gross and Fine Motor Skills of Athletes and Non-Athletes with Down’s syndrome

Shahin Jalali. Lila Sabbaghian Rad. Shiva Fahimi


Identification of the Ergonomic Properties of Exercise Equipment in Parks with an Emphasis on the Anthropometric Characteristics of Iranian Women: A Case Study of Leg Press Machines

Maryam Mohammadi. Heidar Sadeghi. Hasan S. Na’ini


Comparison athletic identity between a team and individual sport

Masoumeh Hadiyan. Zahra Niliahmadabadi. Mahmood Sheikh


The Effect of Selected Physical Exercises on Gross Motor Skills of Autistic Children

Lila Sabbaghian Rad. Foroozan Rafiee. Shiva Fahimi


The Effect of Relaxing Music on Changes in Heart Rate and Blood Pressure during Recovery after a Vigorous Exercise in Young Female Athletes

Hojatolah Nikbakht. Rosa Ghavam Bakhtiar. Mohammad V. Mousavi


Athletic Identity Differences in Winners of Asia Volleyball Competitions (2011)

Masoumeh Hadiyan. Zahra Niliahmadabadi. Rasoule Hemayattalab


The relation between organizational culture and creativity: A case study on physical education experts in Education Administrations

MehrAli Hemmatinezhad. Shahram Shafiee. Mohsen Sharari. Mohammad hemmatinezhad



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