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IJSS 2-20110


International Journal of Sport Studies.

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Intl. j. Sport Std. Vol., 1 (2), 2011

Available online at http: ijssjournal.com

Effect of mental practice Ability of Male and Female Squash Players

Bilal Çoban. Soraya Asghari. Jaber Ebrahemi Nemehil. Arezo Abdi


A Description and Comparison of the Level of Achievement of Physical Education Goals among Male High School Students

Ercan GÜR. Amir Dana. Reza Rezaeeshirazi. Zabiollah Tarasi. Leili Esmaeili


The Relationship between the Organizational Culture and Leadership style with Managers’ Job satisfaction in Physical Education

Hesam Eshraghi. Arezo Abdi. Jaber Ebrahemi Nemehil. Soraya Asghari


The relationship between organizational culture and job satisfaction of the physical education te...

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