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International Journal of Sport Studies.

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Intl. j. Sport Std. Vol., 3 (10), 2013

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A Comparison of Environmental Values: The Effect of Outdoor Recreation

 Umit Dogan USTUN*, Osman GUMUSGUL, Utku ISIK, Duygu H. DEMIREL, Mehmet DEMIREL


Effect of aquatic exercise in water on mood and phsycological response of Iran’s jodo national team’s athlete

Reza Habibi


Comparison the effect of corrective exercises course with or without palmer insole on the balance of athletes aged (5-17) having flat foot

 Khadijeh Babaie*, Yahya sokhangoie, Fatemeh Omidali


 The study of opportunities and threats facing physical education graduate students’ research and educational activities in the field of entr...

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