IJSS 3-20110


International Journal of Sport Studies.

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Intl. j. Sport Std. Vol., 1 (3), 2011

Available online at http: ijssjournal.com

Investigating the Structure and Content of Iranian Sports Websites

Mahdi Sharifi Moghadam. Faezeh Zamanian. Emadodin Sayyadi. Shahrzad Shojaheydari


Investigating the Citizens’ Attitudes Toward the Utility Index of Health Stations

Mahdi Sharifi Moghaddam. Emadodin Sayadi. Faezeh Zamanian. Shahrzad Shojaheydari


Line Bisection Task in Substance Abusers: A Neuropsychological View

Elham Foroozandeh


Assessing the Obstacles in Relation to Information Consistency in Management Systems for Sports Committees

Mahnaz Noroullah. Leila Zameni. Mahdi Sharifi Moghaddam. Reza Rezaeeshirazi


Invastigation Of Knee Pain, Risk Of Fall, Range Of Motion Before And After Shallow Water Exercise In Women With Knee Oa

Faezeh Zamanian


Political interference in the sport associations in the countries of the Western Balkans

MladenKaradzoski . Julijana Siljanoska


Relationship between Organizational Structure and Staff’s Innovation of physical Education Offices in Khuzestan Province

Sedighe Heydarinejad. Seyede Nahid Shetab Boushehri. Sare Delfani


The effect of aquatic exercise on pain and postural control in women with low back pain

Leila zameni. Mina Haghighi


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