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International Journal of Sport Studies

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Relationship between happiness and organizational commitment of the employees of Youth and Sports Department of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province

 Iman Nastaran Boroujeni, Hasan Asadi, Maryam saadatTabatabie


The effect of relaxing music on changes in blood lactate level during recovery following a maximal exercise session in young female athletes

 Roza Ghavam-Bakhtiar, Hojjatolah Nikbakht, Navid Ziaee, Maryam Mohammadi


The Relationship between parenting styles, parenting practices, maternal education level with physical activity levels among adolescent girls

 NooshinBenar, Mehr Ali Hemmatinezhad, Ayoub Behrozi, Reza Andam, Maryam Yousefi


 Comparison of MFO and FATmax levels during two types of aerobic exercise in non-athlete girls

 Koosar Forohi, SaeidShakerian, Masood Nikbakht, AbdolhamidHabibi


The relationship of spatial intelligences with entrepreneurship of isfahan sports club directors

 Razieh Nazari


A Study of the Relationship between Perceived Organizational Justice and Social Capital of Staff (Case Study: Physical Education General Department of Ilam province)

 Peyman Akbari, Mehdi Sharafi, Toraj Vatandost


 The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Applying Information Technology in the Departments of Sports and Youth in West Azerbaijan, Iran

 Mostafa Mostafapour, Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Kashef, Dr. Sardar Mohammadi

465- 471

Connection between managers’ relational skills and occupational satisfaction of physical education teachers in Kerman province universities

 Elham kalantaryan, KouroshGhahraman tabrizi, Tahmures Noraie

472- 478

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