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International Journal of Sport Studies.

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Intl. j. Sport Std. Vol., 3 (1), 2013

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Coach education – a developing international discipline of knowledge

 Majid AL-Busafi, Alin Larion, Joel Dearing


The role of Mass media in student’s sport development at Mazandaran province

Mohammadbagher Forghni Ozrudi, Mojtaba Bararzadeh, Mina Khanjani, Hamireza Fatahi


Posture condition of upper and lower extremity and its relationship with physical fitness related to physical fitness and body composition

Zahra Tasaddoghi, S.Khadijeh Asady


Successful knowledge management establishment in sport organizations with an emphasis on Iranian localization

Mohammad Ebrahim Razaghi, Seyed Jafar Moosavi, Ali Mohammad Safania


The Response of Plasma Leptin and Some Selected Hormones to 24-weeks Aerobic Exercise in Inactive Obese Women

 Mahtab Moazami, Nahid Bijeh, Samira Gholamian


The Relationship between Sports, Humanitarianism, Respect, as well as Loyalty among Female Employees of the Education Headquarters of North Khorasan Province

Z. Ghadimi kalate, E.Hosseini, F.farzan, A. Zamani, A.Besharatfar, R.Ebrahimi


The Comparison of health-related quality of life in active and non- active older adults in Tehran

Hashem Kozehchian, Rasool Norouzi Seyed Hossini, Forough Fattahi Masrur, Maryam Mashatan, Salah Dastoom


The effect 12 weeks of aerobic training on social maturity development, self-esteem and body image among school students

 Süreya Yonca Biçer


Study of Entrepreneurship Characteristics among Physical Education Students and Effect of University’s Courses on its Development

Fateme Yavari, Dr. Sedighe Heydarinejad, Dr. Abdolhamid Habibi


Comparison of Simple and Choice Reaction Time in Tennis and Volleyball Players

 Hamid Foroghipour, Mahdi Omidzadeh Monfared, Mehdi Pirmohammadi, Reza Saboonchi


Comparing the effect of combination of mental and physical practices on balance capability of students with vision disorders

Saeed Ahmadi Barati, Akram Ahmadi Barati, Saeed Gaeeni, Mohsen Ghanbarzadeh


Comparison of factors related to happiness among Individual and team, Disciplines athletes women (case study)

Aleme Keikha, Syed Ali Siadat


 Study of Boycotts in Olympic Games

M. Dousti, F. Asghari, A. shokri, M. Goodarzi, H. Asadi


Relationship between second to fourth digit ratio (2D:4D) and dynamic muscular endurance in trained girl students

 Rahimeh Mehdizadeh, Narges Noori Sarhozaki, Somayeh Abbasi


 The effects of development of sport tourism on the employment: A review of related research

Sedighe Eslami, Abolfazl Farahani, Hasan Asadi


The causes of career termination from sport and their relationship to post-retirement difficult among professional athletes in Iran

 Mehrali Hemmatinezhad, Noshin Benar, Mahmood Hashemi, Sajad Moemeni


Effects of gender on High Schools Students’ Perceptions of Environmental and Social Supports for Participation in Physical Activities

 Mohammad Bagher Forghni, Ali Akbar Raeispour, Ali Madadzadeh, Hasan Meskin Jelodar