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IJSS : 2017 Volume 7 Number 3

Relationship between empowerment by learning and organizational commitment of personnel of Gilan department of sport and youth

Yaser Mohammadi Afraketi*

Page No: 145-152                    
The Acute Effects of Different Stretching on Dynamic Balance Performance

Hasan Leblebici, Hakan Yarar, Erbil Murat Aydın*, Zeynep Zorlu, Uğur Ertaş, Muhammed Ercan Kıngır

Page No: 153-159                    
Commercialization of Soccer with Special Emphasis on Sports Marketing In Urban West Bengal- An Ethnographic Approach

Dr. Abhijit Das

Page No: 160-166                    
The Acute Effect of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Horizontal and Vertical Jump


Page No: 167-173                    
Assessing the economic costs for sports injuries of athletes covered by insurance of Sports Medicine Federation of I.R. Iran

Najmeh Arab Nejad, Mohammad Hossein Yousefi Zarandi*, Fatemeh Sadat Hashemi

Page No: 174-177                    
Branding process anticipation of sports clubs based on customer relationship management

Elham Ghanbari*, Fariba Mohammadian

Page No: 178-188                    
Management Assessment of Sports Injury in Handball in comparison with Basketball

Najmeh Arab Nejad, Mohammad Hossein Yousefi Zarandi*, Fatemeh Sadat Hashemi

Page No: 189-192                    
Impact of Backpack Weight on Spinal Postural Anomalies in Elementary School Girls

Fahimeh Rahimi

Page No: 193-198                    
Perception of Competence in Middle School Physical Education: Investigating the validity and reliability of Scrabis-Fletcher and Silverman’ (2010) questionnaire to the Context of Iranian 7th and 8th Grades

Saeed Ghorbani*, Yaghob Beiki, Jaber Safarkhan

Page No: 199-203                    

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