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IJSS : 2017 Volume 7 Number 2

Priority of women inhibiting factors in sport management posts in Mazandaran Province

Kianoosh Kaboli, Seyyed Emad Hosseini*, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi

Page No: 61-64                    
Effects of Exercise before a Period of Inactivity on Muscle Function in Mice

HyeSun Um, MinHwa Suk, SeungCheol Ahn, YunA Shin*

Page No: 65-75                    
The effect of eight weeks\' corrective exercises on knee alignment in teenage girls with mental retardation

Shima Hassanpour*, Mohammad Mashahdi

Page No: 76-79                    
Designing the Performance Evaluation System of Judo & Kurash Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran

Hamidreza Goharrostami, Rahim Ramezani Nezhad , Azam Abdollahi*

Page No: 90-107                    
Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports: The Mlb and Nfl Approaches Contrasted

Richard J. Hunter, Jr*, Kevin Namendorf

Page No: 80-89                    
Investigating the relationship between CSR of Iranian Football Pro-League Clubs and perceived value of their fans (Case Study: Tehran Persepolis club)

Ali Naseri*, Mohammad Ehsani, Hashem Kouzehchian

Page No: 108-115                    
Identifying the Financial Resources of grass root Sports Federations: A Qualitative Study

HematiNezhad. M.A, Pasvar, M.H, Gholizadeh. M.H, Taslimi.Z*

Page No: 116-125                    
Investigating about willing to stay in administrative employees on the basis of supervision quality and organizational commitment in sports and youth departments in Mazandaran Province

Hoda Nejati*, Shahab Hasibi, Mohammadbagher Forghani Ozrudi

Page No: 126-133                    
Investigating the relationship of social responsibility of Tehran Persepolis Football Club and purchase behavior of their fans

Ali Naseri* Mohammad Ehsani, Hashem Kouzehchian

Page No: 135-139                    
Relationship between psychological well-being with creativity and performance of male coaches of Iran’ basketball league

Reza Azizi*, Mohammad Reza Esmaelzadeh, Narges Sargolzae

Page No: 140-144                    

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