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IJSS : 2017 Volume 7 Number 1

Effect of Eight-Week Selected Corrective Exercises on Upper Crossed Syndrome in Dentist

Farinaz Noroozi*, Nader Rahnama

Page No: 37-43                    
Determine the relationship between Decision-making Styles and Coaches Efficiency of sports teams already in the thirteenth Olympiad

Ukabed Fallahi (MA), Seyyed Jafar Moosavi (PhD)*

Page No: 44-49                    
Does Golf = White? Perceptions of the Prototypical Golfer

Anthony C Rosselli (Ph.D)*, George B. Cunningham (Ph.D), John N. Singer (Ph.D)

Page No: 1-7                    
Obstacles and opportunities of using Sensory marketing in sports of Mazandaran

Masomeh Darziyani Azizi, Seyyed Emad Hosseini*

Page No: 8-17                    
fms performance comparison between male and female beginner gymnasts in orumiyeh

Saide Hamedi*, Seyyed Mohamad Kashef

Page No: 18-22                    
Barriers to employing women in sport management posts in Mazandaran Province

Kianoosh Kaboli, Seyyed Emad Hosseini*, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi

Page No: 23-27                    
Communication between the Awareness of ICT by spectators and the number of presence in football premier league matches at Azadi stadium in Tehran

Narimani Ahmad*, Keshavarz Loghman, Moosavirad Seyede Tahere

Page No: 28-32                    
Compare the performance of physical education managers with physical and non-physical education certified in Medical Sciences universities

Jafar Habibiyan

Page No: 33-36                    
The Effect of Coordination Trainings Performed on Different Grounds on the Aerobic Capacity of Snowboard-Cross Athletes

Levent TANYERİ*, N. Güven ERDİL, Kamil ERDEM

Page No: 50-55                    
Investigation of the relationship between some of the anthropometric sizes, body combination and body fitness factors of the female volleyball players of the high school in shoushtar

Nikseresht Fateme*, Masoud Nikbakht, Saeid Shakeriyan

Page No: 56-60                    

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