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IJSS : 2016 Volume 6 Number 10

The effects of teaching 8-12-year-old children ice hockey with educational games on psychomotor and cognitive development

Kurudirek M.I*, Kurudirek M.A, Katkat D, Mizrak O, Gezer E, Gezer H,

Page No: 600-606                    
Examination on the effect of the training program implemented during preparation period on the physical characteristics of tennis players

Mucahit Sarikaya*, Vedat Cinar, Muzaffer Selcuk

Page No: 607-611                    
Investigation of the correlation between organizational justice and organizational silence of Turkish physical education teachers

Kurudirek M.A*, Gezer E, Kurudirek M.I, Gezer H, Katkat D, Mizrak O

Page No: 612-619                    
Proposing a conceptual model for determining a strategic pattern for market entry in soccer premier league clubs in Iran

Fatemeh Abdavi*

Page No: 620-628                    
The Role of Managers’ Leadership Styles of Private Clubs in West Provinces of the Country on Entrepreneurship of their Employees

Ehsan Tatari*, Afshar Honarvar, Sara Keshkar, Sirous Jafari Zafar Abadi

Page No: 629-637                    
The impact of the morning exercise on academic achievement of female elementary students of Amol city

Fatemeh Abdollahzadeh Andevari (Msc)*, Parastoo Osanloo (Ph.D)

Page No: 638-643                    
The effect of the focus instructions (internal and external) and skill levels in the implementation of football penalty shot

Hosein Hasanzadeh*, Davoud Houmaniyan, Rasoul Hemayattalab

Page No: 644-649                    
Analysis of Official Internet Sites of Super League Teams in Terms of Marketing


Page No: 644-650                    

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