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IJSS : 2016 Volume 6 number 1

The relationship between the sources of power and conflict management styles in managers of the Department of Youth and Sports in West Azerbaijan Province of Iran

Tina Soltan Ahmadi, Reza Sheykh Yusefi, Taher Hooshang*, Amir Hatami Shendi

Page No: 16-22                    
Paragliding accidents and injuries in Baba Mount Recreation Centre: a cross-sectional study

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayşe ÇELİK YETİM*

Page No: 1-7                    
The Relationship between Forward Shoulder Posture and Depression in Non-athlete male Students

Mehdi Khoubi1*, Abbas minoei2

Page No: 8-11                    
Influence of electromyostimulation training with voluntary muscle contractions on basal metabolic rate of sedentary women

Mustafa ÖZDAL (PhD)*, Özgür BOSTANCI (PhD), Menderes KABADAYI (PhD), Fırat AKCAN, (MSc)

Page No: 12-15                    
To Investigate The Basic Motor Characteristic Differences Between 9-10 Years Old Students Living In Cities And Rural Areas Of Kütahya

Meryem GÜLAÇ*, Arslan KALKAVAN, Sinan AKIN

Page No: 23-28                    
Effect of whole-body vibration training on body fat mass of sedentary healthy women

Mustafa ÖZDAL (Ph.d)*, Vedat ÇINAR (Ph.d), Özgür BOSTANCI (Ph.d), Menderes KABADAYI (Ph.d), Fırat AKCAN (MSc)

Page No: 29-32                    
Comparison of functional movement screening (FMS) score in futsal players to identify futsal Players are prone to injury

Edris Bavardi Moghadam*, Seyed Sadradin Shojaedin, Farzad Chukali

Page No: 33-47                    
The effect of 8 Pilates and hydrotherapy on flexibility of knee in injuries in female athletes

Fatemeh Vahedi*, Hassan Safikhani

Page No: 48-50                    
Analysis of the Barriers to Development of Track and Field in Iran

Hossein Hajiyousefi*, Mahmoud Goudarzi, Seyedeh Zahra Hashemi

Page No: 51-57                    
Effect of Eight-week Swimming on Angiotensin II and its Receptor in Renal Tissue of Elderly Rats

Seyedeh Zeynab Ghodsi1, Mahmood Jafari2*, Ghoolam Reza Feizi3, Farzaneh Farokhi4, Seyed Abdollah Hashemvarzi5, Behrouz Jafari6

Page No: 58-61                    

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