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IJSS : 2015 Volume 5 Number 11

Research on the effects of isotonic strength training on muscular strength improvement of according to lateral preferences


Page No: 1178-1182                    
Comparison of area of injury, causes of injury and time of injury between men and women professional canoeists

Ahmadpour A (Mc.s)*, Rahnama N (Ph.d

Page No: 1183-1188                    
Identify challenges within the school Olympiad project: A Case Study of Mazandaran province

Sonia Habibnia Rami*, Morteza Dousti

Page No: 1189-1193                    
Heart rate variability in experimental model of competitive stress in handball

Lubomir Petrov*, Albena Alexandrova, Sasho Chanev

Page No: 1194-1202                    
Refining the Standard of Physical Education and Sports in Fiji High Schools

Vilive Cagivinaka (MED, BSC, Dip.Ed.)*

Page No: 1194-1205                    
The effect of eight-week period of rebound therapy exercises on the balance of male students with hearing disabilities

Azimeh NajafiFard*, Rasoul Hemayat Talab, Mahmoud sheikh

Page No: 1206-1211                    
The relationship between training load indicators in young male soccer players

Parvaneh Nazarali, Rostam Alizadeh*,Zhale Sohraby Nezhadian

Page No: 1212-1217                    
Introducing the Sport Success Scale (SSS)

Afrooz Mousavi*, Mohammad VaezMousavi

Page No: 1218-1226                    
Effect of a selective physical training on development of fine motor skills in students with learning disability

Samira Rostami*, Rasool Hemayattalab, Mahmoud Sheikh

Page No: 1227-1233                    
Effect of eight-week school-based exercise training on cardiorespiratory fitness and body composition of educable mentally retarded adolescents

Mohammad Mashhadi (Msc)*, Gholamali Ghasemi (PhD), Vahid Zolaktaf (PhD

Page No: 1234-1238                    

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