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IJSS : 2015 Volume 5 Number 10

Corporate social responsibility and firm value in the sport recreation sector: A review

Panagiotis E. Dimitropoulos*, Ourania Vrondou

Page No: 1117-1124                    
Relationship between BMI and anaerobic tests of Brazilian youth students

Bruno Garcia de Souza Magalhães*, Péricles da Silva, Fábio dos Santos Fraile, Fernando de Lima Paulo, Erico Chagas Caperuto, Vinicius Barroso Hirota

Page No: 1125-1131                    
Examining hand grip strength in different sports

Onder Karakoc*, Cengiz Taskın, Selami Yüksek, Mert Özçöven

Page No: 1132-1136                    
Comparıson Of 12-14 Year-Old Athletes And Non-Athletes Chıldren’s State And Traıt Anxıety Levels

Sinan AKIN*, Mehmet ACET, Mehmet DEMİREL

Page No: 1137-1142                    
Effect of a Selected Local Game on Dynamic Balance of Educable Students with Down Syndrome

Azime Najafi Fard*, Hadi Mehr Ali Tabar, Mahmoud Sheikh

Page No: 1143-1148                    
Motives to practice physical education and sports activities among pupils of the final sections of secondary education

Kenioua Mouloud*, Aboumasdjed Abdelkader

Page No: 1149-1154                    
The Comparison of the Cultural Intelligence of Male and Female Employees of East Azerbaijan Province Sports and Youth Administration

Taher Hooshang*, Hosein Rayegan Shendi, Amir Hatami Shendi

Page No: 1155-1161                    
Physical Motivation Influences Race Performance Over a 24-hour Ultra-Marathon

David A. Ferrer*, Cory W. Baumann, Kyle J. Brandenberger, Rebecca Ellis, Jeffrey S. Otis

Page No: 1162-1169                    
The influence of mental skills on performance of taekwondo athletes – a field study

Seyedehmahsa Saadatiyan*, Zahra Hajianzehaee, Abdolreza Amirtash

Page No: 1170-1173                    
The effect of vitamins E and C supplementation on plasma superoxide dismutase activity in physical education students after physical activity and sport

Karim Ebadollahzadeh*, Mahmoud Jalili

Page No: 1174-1177                    

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