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IJSS : 2015 Volume 5 Number 7

Transgender athlete rights under title IX and NCAA policy: inadequacy and unevenness of treatment demands equal protection and at least intermediate scrutiny analysis

Richard J, Hunter Jr.*, Taylor E. Brown

Page No: 752-764                    
The Effect of Servant Leadership on Organizational Trust in Staff of Sports and Youth Office and Sports Delegations Heads of Eastern Azarbaijan Province, Iran

Hasan Dehghan Dizaji, Jafar Barghi Moghaddam*

Page No: 765-769                    
Contribution to the Identification of the Professional Skills Profile of Coaches in the Algerian Sport Judo System

Belkadi Adel*, Benbernou Othman, Sebbane Mohamed, Laroua Abdelhafid1, Benkazdali H.M and Jacques Gleyse

Page No: 770-777                    
The Effects of Participation in Community Service through Intercollegiate Athletics on Servant Leadership Behaviors

Damien Westfield*

Page No: 778-790                    
Challenges and problems affecting the participation of disabled children in physical education and extracurricular activities

Efrem Kentiba*

Page No: 791-810                    
The effect of 12 sessions of combined exercises (endurance-resistance) on some physical fitness factors in female students

Najmeh Arabnejad*

Page No: 811-814                    
The acute response of beta endorphin, cortisol and lipid profile to physical activity in men addicted to drugs and non-drug

Somayeh Dehghani*, Farzaneh Taghian, Arash Ghodousi, Mahshid Hasanshahi

Page No: 815-820                    
The Effects of Selected Educational Games with or without Ball in Morning and Evening Shifts on Hyperactivity Disorder of Male Elementary School of Miandoab Town

Habib Mazaher Esmailpour, Kyumars Zhaleh, Behrooz Mohammadi, Mostafa Mostafa Pour*, Yusef Esmailyan

Page No: 821-824                    
The comparison of Psychological Health and Job Burnout of Female Athletic and Non-athletic Teachers of Miandoab Town in 2015-2016

Mostafa Mostafa Pour*, Fatemeh Salemi, Yagoub Malekpour, Mohammad Bakamal, Yousef Esmayilian

Page No: 825-827                    
The Consumption Effects of Walnut Oil Extract Supplement on Inflammatory Markers of IL-6 and Cortisol Hormone on Active Girls after an Exhaustive Exercise Session

Akram Elahi, Sirvan Atashak*

Page No: 828-833                    
Reviewing the Indomitableness Levels of Students of School of Physical Education and Sports According to Different Variables

Mehmet DEMİREL*, Abdurrahman KİRTEPE

Page No: 834-840                    
Relationship evaluation of sport brands equity and switch intention of brandonthe demographic characteristics of professional athletes

Somayeh Rahimi Aliabadi*, Shahab Hasibi, Rahman Haghshenas

Page No: 841-843                    
The effects of exercise on values, life style and quality of life between male adolescents of Khoi City in the academic year of 2014-2015

Hamed mogaddam, Yagoub Badri Azarin*

Page No: 844-847                    
The comparison of effects of two selected functional and Theraband trainings on the dynamic balance and strength of lower limb among elderly men

Hadi Toobak*, Mohammad Shabani, Mahtab Moazami

Page No: 848-854                    
Relationship between aesthetic sport facilities and customer satisfaction mediated by the quality of service in Mazandaran province

Seyed Zeinolabedin Ghasemi,Mohammad Sanaei*

Page No: 855-859                    
Analyzing the Relationship between Mental Skills and Competition Anxiety among Young and Adult Skiers

Amin Azimkhani*, Recep GÜRSOY, Hamid Reza TAHERİ Torbati

Page No: 860-867                    
Volleyball Board’s Ranking of Iran Provinces based on the Anderson-Peterson Model (AP)

Bahare Soleymani, Faride Ashraf Ganjouei*, Mohammad Reza Esmaeili

Page No: 868-875                    
Relationship between internal marketing and customer orientation in administrations of youth and sports in the west country of iran with providing a model

Saman Yavari Rad, Korosh Veisi*, Shamsodin Rezaee

Page No: 876-881                    
The relationship between perceived organizational support and organizational behavior of the employees in youth and sports administration of Ghazvin province

Mohsen Torky*, Reza Sokhandan

Page No: 882-889                    
Relationship indoor school Sports Olympiad with achieve the objectives of fundamental transformation document Ministry of Education

Maede Nikkhoo Amiri*, Nasrollah Mohammadi, Alireza Barari

Page No: 890-894                    

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