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IJSS : 2015 Volume 5 Number 5

Effects of Combined Resistance Training with TRX On Physical Fitness and Competition Times in Fin Swimmers

Kyung-Hun Yu, Min-Hwa Suk, Shin-Woo Kang, Yun-A Shin (PhD)*

Page No: 508-515                    
A Dynamic and Psychosocial Analysis of Soccer: Problems and Proposed Solutions

Sonny Joseph, MD, PhD, MPH*

Page No: 516-525                    
The Leadership of the West Indies Cricket Board

Damien Westfield*, ph.D.

Page No: 526-534                    
Health Beliefs of Females Related With Sportive Recreational Activities


Page No: 535-544                    
The uneven shoulder abnormality in primary school girl students in Iran

Horieh Galini*

Page No: 545-548                    
Effect of rapid weight loss on Vo2max of young wrestler

Saeid Shojaee Rad*, Mohammad Reza Zolfaghari, Mohammad Taher Eslamfar, Bahram Hasane Garabagh

Page No: 549-552                    
Surveying Motivation of students to participate in sport activities

Ehsan Sanaeifar*, Shahram Abdi, Seyed Mohamad Hosein Razavi, Mohammad Ghamati, Farzam Farzan

Page No: 553-558                    
The relationship between overweight and flat foot in primary school girl students

Horieh Galini

Page No: 559-562                    
The connection between organizational culture and the creativity exerted by the physical education instructors in Ardabil province

Nasher Rezaei*, Abbas Khodayari, Farideh Hadavi

Page No: 563-569                    
vAn Investigation into the Cultural-Social, Economic, Administrative and Civil-Law Aspects of the Presence of Female Spectators in Iranian Sport Stadiums

Fatemeh Ahmadi*, Seyed Mohammad Hosein Razavi

Page No: 570-575                    
The Study of Relationship Malalignment Knee and Foot with Injury in Professional Sprinters

Ali Mohammad Esmaeili*, Hasan Daneshmandi, Nader Samami

Page No: 576-581                    
The relationship between physical activities in leisure time with quality of life

Samaneh Almasi*, Keivan Zamane Dadane, Yasha Asadi Baraghani, Adeleh Azimi Delarestaghi

Page No: 582-588                    
Exploring the Relationship of Emotional Self-Efficiency with Cardiovascular Function Health

Zahra Hojabrnia*, S.S Hasrani, Abdollah Hozhabrnia

Page No: 589-595                    
Pilates Training Preventive Effects of Metabolic Syndrome in Sedentary Overweight Females

Ramin Amirsasan, Rahele Dolgarisharaf*

Page No: 596-602                    
The Impact of Balance Exercise Using Balance Board on Vulnerability, Strength, and Flexibility of Professional Wrestlers

Farhangian M,Mohamadi S*, Khayambashi K

Page No: 603-607                    
Comparison of the balance and gait parameters in the 10 to 15 years old girls with normal and abnormal lower limbs

Nazanin Ziveh Dar, Yahya Sokhanguei*, Zohre Afsharmand

Page No: 608-613                    
Effect of closed kinetic chain trainings on the ankle joint proprioception of mentally retarded students

Behnam Gholami Borujeni*, Majid Bakhshi, Mehrdad Rahimi, Hossein Sadeghi

Page No: 614-617                    
The relationship between clinical meters and test Posturgraphy standing on one leg in martial arts: concurrent validity check

Nooshin Karimi Malekabadi*, Shahnaz Shahrjerdi, Masoud Golpayegani

Page No: 618-623                    
Validity and Reliability of Persian Version of the Sport Imagery Ability Questionnaire

Seyedeh Vajihe Seyed Ashrafi*, Rasool Hemayat Talab, Masoumeh Shojaei

Page No: 624-629                    
The effects of short and long duration dynamic & static stretching on jump performance intrained male

Mansour Enayat Jazi, Iman Taleb-Beydokhti*, Rouhollah Haghshenas

Page No: 630-635                    

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