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IJSS : 2015 Volume 5 Number 1

Determination of the Factors That Affect Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors of University Students

Evrim ÇELEBİ*, Cemal GÜNDOĞDU, Masoud Imanzadeh

Page No: 1-6                    
Determination of the Stress Level of Individuals Who Get Involved In Football Activities In The Light Of Their Personality Traits


Page No: 7-11                    
Effect of Leisure Time Activities on Mental Health of Orphan Children

Dr Neelam K Sharma*, Dr Praveen, Dr P.C. Jena

Page No: 12-18                    
A study on physiological changes in women who do sports for recreative purposes

Dr. Şevki KOLUKISA*, Dr. Beytullah DÖNMEZ, Dr. Kürşadhan DÖNMEZ

Page No: 19-23                    
Survey on Mobbing Behaviors In Terms of Some Variables, Affecting the Personnel in the Directorates of Youth Centersin Turkey


Page No: 24-30                    
Survey on Mobbing Behaviors In Terms of Some Variables, Affecting the Personnel in the Directorates of Youth Centersin Turkey


Page No: 24-30                    
The Relationship of Managers’ Creativity with the Organizational Structure in Staff Management Level of Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

Esmaeel Malek-Akhlagh*, Salman Sedigh, Leyla Asayesh, Leyla Khoshkalam

Page No: 31-37                    
The Effect of Honey Supplement on the Inflammation Factors of Plasma of the Handbalist Young Men

Bakhtyar Tartibian, Mostafa Mostafapour*, Habib Mazaher Esmailpour

Page No: 38-41                    
Investigating of dimensions condition organizational indifference in the staff of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province Sport and Adolescent Organization

Sayed Nematallah Ghaderi*, Mohammad Reza Boroumand, Sayed Emad Hosseini

Page No: 42-47                    
The investigation of the relationship between core endurance with static and dynamic balance in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sarvin Salar*, Hassan Daneshmandi, Leyli Panaghi, Mohammad Karimizadeh Ardekani, Hossein Nazari Sharif

Page No: 48-56                    
Effect of Six Weeks of Resistance Training (RT) and Silymarin Supplement On the Changes in the Inflammation Marker Interleukin 6 and Psychological Profile in Elite Female Taekwondo Players in Alborz

ProvinceParvaneh Nazarali*, Ahdiyeh Pormphamadi,Parichehr Hanachi

Page No: 57-61                    
Female Athletes’ sport commitments in Men’s and Women’s Sports

Shokoufe Mohammadi Biabri*, Bahram Yousef

Page No: 62-68                    
The Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Performance in Ministry of Sport and Youth

Jamal Sajedi, Hossein Talebian Nia*

Page No: 69-73                    
Determining the Correlation between Organizational Ethical Climate and Job Satisfaction of Staff of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Hamid Ronaghi Khajeh, Hossein Talebian Nia*

Page No: 74-78                    
Impact of Quality of Work Life on Job Satisfaction (Case Study: Sport Teachers in Department of Education from Urmia)

Bayan Fatehi*, Ali Karimi, Edris Ghader Pour, Kamil Abdollah Pour, Bisotoon Azizi

Page No: 79-86                    
Describing how welcoming the citizens of amusement –Sporting parks

Sheno Fathi*, Mohammad Hossein Razavi

Page No: 87-96                    
Relationship servant leadership and organizational socialization in department of youth and sports in zanjan province Staff

Saeed Ashrafi*, Atousa Taimouri Alireza Arasteh

Page No: 97-103                    
Comparison Effect of a Period of Stair Exercise on Physical and Mental Fitness Factors of Active and Inactive Women

Reza Habibi*, Hadi Habibi

Page No: 104-108                    
the Relationship between Personality Characteristics with Creativity of Education Teachers in Zanjan

Zahra Sardari, Jafar Barghi Moghaddam*

Page No: 109-113                    
Instructors’ attitudes to Physical Education 1 and 2 methodologies at Islamic Azad university of Mashhad: An evaluation of the quality and quantity

Hassan Doust Mohammadi*, Hadi Taghi Zadeh, Mahdi Khani Far Mohammad Hassan Mottaghi Shahri

Page No: 114-123                    
The Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (Qspm) Applied To Sport in west Azerbaijan province

Asghar Ghosiyan*, Mahsa Ebadi, Asma Shojazadeh

Page No: 124-128                    
Effect of Eight- Week Regular Aerobic Exercises on Physical Variables Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure of Non-Athlete Menopausal Women in Mahshahr City

Masumeh Norouzpour*(MST) Lena Motalebi, (Ph.D)

Page No: 186-192                    

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