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IJSS : 2014 Volume 4 Number 12

The effect of foot wedges on postural sway and lower limb Muscle activity

Farhad Samimi*, Mehrdad Anbarian, Uwe G. Kersting

Page No: 1442-1449                    
Physiological Parameters Associated with 24 Hour Run Performance

Cory W. Baumann*, Kyle J. Brandenberger*, David A. Ferrer, Jeffrey S. Otis

Page No: 1450-1454                    
Plyometric training programs for young soccer players: a systematic review

Michailidis Yiannis*

Page No: 1455-1461                    
The Comparison of some lower limb’s motion range parameters in Sepaktakraw elite athletes with an emphasis on talent identification

Mahdi Rezaei*, Mohsen paziraei, Mohsen Haghani, Salar Hariri

Page No: 1462-1465                    
Investigating the Relationship between Motivation and Organizational Effectiveness of Ministry Staff of Sport and Youth, Ardebil, Iran

Mohammad Pourpanahi Koltapeh, Hossein Talebian Nia*

Page No: 1466-1472                    
Comparison of Static and Dynamic Balance in Female Athletes with and without Hallux Valgus

Haniyeh Aryadoost*, Mohammad Hosain Alizadeh

Page No: 1473-1478                    
Determining the Indexes for Selecting Rugby National Teams’ Coaches with an Emphasis on the Skill Characteristics of the Coaches

Pedram Bani Ameriyan*, Habib Honari, Mehrzad Hamidi

Page No: 1479-1486                    
The Effect of omega-3 fatty acid Supplementation with aerobic exercise on inflammatory cytokine concentrations in atherosclerotic patients

Zahra Tahmasby*, Mahshid hasan shahi, Neda mahjoob, Fatemeh ahadi, Fatemeh Javdan, Afsaneh Abtin, Mahdi Soleimani

Page No: 1487-1495                    
Investigation and prioritization of strategies for championship sport development in Khorasan Razavi province based on multiple criteria decision-making model of TOPSIS

Ahmad Mahmoudi*, Habib Honari, Mostafa Soltani, Maryam Sobhan

Page No: 1496-1504                    
Factors affecting students’ leisure time spending ways in special schools with emphasis on physical activity

Yousef Yavari*, Shahram Aroufzad, Frouzan Karimi Dehkordi, Alireza Rabieezadeh

Page No: 1505-1512                    
The Study of relationship between the speed at the GyakuZuki kick contact time and the displacement of contact plate in elite karatekas men

Salar Hariri*, Mahdi Rezaei, Saeid Nikokheslat, Amir Sarshin

Page No: 1513-1515                    
The Effect of 12 Weeks of Exercise Rehabilitation on Improving Lumbar Lordosis Abnormalities in Addicted Patients

Mohammad Ebrahim Bahram, Mohammad Javad Pourvaghar*

Page No: 1516-1521                    
Effects of Two Months of Progressively Increasing Aerobic Exercise on Some Mineral Changes of Blood Serum

Mohammad Javad Pourvaghar, Mohammad Ebrahim Bahram, Mohammad Reza Sharif, Mansour Sayyah*

Page No: 1522-1527                    
Strategies Development of Sport for All in Zanjan Province

Ali Zarei, Atoosa Teimoori, Nasser Taghibigloo*

Page No: 1528-1533                    
The relationship between motivation and participation in sports participation and quality of life by working in government offices was Khorramabad city

Hesam Moradi*, Mohammadreza Moradi

Page No: 1534-1537                    
The process of team building in sports organizations

Mehrali Hemmatinezhad Touli*,Zahra Taslimi, Manizhe Mansor Sadeghi Guilani

Page No: 1538-1545                    
On the Relationship of Applying Information Technology with Organizational Agility in Youth Sports Organizations of Esfahan Province

Khatibe Torkiyan, Majid Khorvash*, Ahmad Tabaeiyan

Page No: 1546-1550                    
The Relationship between Spiritual Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness in Youth Affairs and Sports Organizations of Chaharmahal-va-Bakhtiyari Province

Ahmadreza Askari*, Taghi Aghahoseini, Reza Gorji

Page No: 1551-1554                    
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Burnout among Managers, Trainers and lifeguards of Eastern Azerbaijan province Swimming Pools

Leila Habibzadeh, Hossein Talebian Nia*

Page No: 1555-1559                    
The Relationship between Job Stress and Responsibility and Optimism Behavior among Lifeguards

Morteza Jafari Hamed, Jafar Barghi Moghaddam*

Page No: 1560-1564                    
The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Job Satisfaction

Mehdi Tavakkol, Hamid Janani*

Page No: 1565-1569                    
Design model of service quality role in relation between market orientation culture with future behavior of customers in water sports recreation centers in Iran

Mohsen Smaeili (Ph.D), Mohmmad Ehsani (Ph.D), Hashem Kouzechian (Ph.D)٭, Habib Honari (Ph.D)

Page No: 1570-1575                    
The Relationship between Organizational Structure and Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Managers of Iran Sports Organizations

Safoura Niknahad*, Asiah Ghorbanian Rajabi, Zahra Rezaei

Page No: 1576-1580                    

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