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IJSS : 2014 Volume 4 Number 9

Analysis of goals scored in the 2014 World Cup soccer tournament held in Brazil

Michailidis Yiannis*

Page No: 1017-1026                    
The Relationship between the Success of Countries at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games and Demo-economic Factors

Mahdi Shariati Feizabadi*, Yousef Bagheri, Mahmoud Goodarzi

Page No: 1027-1031                    
Correlation between Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty towards Sports Brands in Urmia

Hadi Nouri Naghadeh*, Mohammad Rahim Najafzadeh

Page No: 1032-1038                    
Examination of Knowledge Sharing Levels of Physical Education and Sports Teachers According to Various Variables


Page No: 1039-1044                    
Relationship between earning medal and championship sports coverage on television sports programs

Zahra Shakarami*, Amin Amani, Seyed Saied Hosseini, Hamid Khezri

Page No: 1045-1049                    
Survey economic sustainability criteria in the design and construction of urban sports places

Seyed Mohammad Hosein Razavi

Page No: 1050-1057                    
The Relationship between job burnout with the happiness of the physical education teachers in Isfahan schools

Farahnaz Shams*, Jahangir Karimian, Farzaneh Davari

Page No: 1058-1061                    
Determining the Effects of Eight Weeks of Rope Skipping Sport on Proteinuria Changes among 9-12 Years Old Non-Athletic Boys In Khansar Schools

Azadeh Forootan*, Farzaneh Taghian, Mojgan Mortazavi

Page No: 1062-1066                    
Relationship between triple managerial skills and the mental skills of the physical education teachers in Isfahan

Farnaz Ghadirian*, Jahangeer Karimian, Ghasem Rahimi

Page No: 1067-1070                    
The survey of player attitude in football premier league the regard moral charter and certainties barriers

Mohamad MalekianNaeini*, Ahmad Tabaeian, Akbar Etebarian

Page No: 1071-1074                    
Re”Presenting “Gabby”: Examining the digital media coverage of Gabrielle Douglas at the 2012 London Olympic Games

Akilah R. Carter-Francique (Ph.D)

Page No: 1080-1091                    
Examining the Effect of Identification with an Athlete on Product-Endorsement Match-Up in Sport Marketing

Neda Saeednia*, Vahid Shojaei, Morteza Dosti

Page No: 1092-1099                    
Study the prevalence, causes and comparing of ankle injury in elite male athletes in handball, football and basketball sports of Khuzestan Province

Alireza Amani*, Masood Nikbakht, Rohola Ranjbar

Page No: 1100-1104                    
The comparison of selected power activities performance in football players with flat and normal foot

Esmaeil Mozafaripour*, Nourolah Javdane, Pedram Pourmahmoudian, Saeid Valadi

Page No: 1105-1108                    
An Investigation of Students’ Attitudes on the Environment: The Influence on Participation in Outdoor Recreation

Umit Dogan USTUN*, Arslan KALKAVAN, Osman GUMUSGUL

Page No: 1109-1113                    
The Effect of Morning Exercise on the Assertiveness of High School Male Students

AhmadrezaAskari*, Ebrahim Vajdi, Fahime Gholipour

Page No: 1114-1118                    
An Investigation on Effects of Diurnal Variation and Type of Activity on Hormonal Immune’s Indexes in Elite Male Swimmers

Musa Amirahmadi*, Gholamreza Sharifi, Mohsen Salesi, Elaheh Haidarnia

Page No: 1119-1125                    
Height as a predictor of vital capacity- a spirometric equation for Bengalee footballers

Pinaki Chatterjee, Paulomi Das*

Page No: 1126-1130                    
Comparison of the Results of Some Hematological Parameters in Wrestling Coaches


Page No: 1131-1136                    
Gender Analysis of Sport Socialization and Components of Sport Fandom

Mohammad Mahdi Rahmati, Saeid Kabiri*, Seyed Masomeh ShadManfaat

Page No: 1137-1143                    
Effect of upper body, lower body, and concurrent resistance training on the levels of HSL and fasting glucose in untrained female students

Maghsoud Peeri*, Roghaye Pouzesh Jadidi

Page No: 1144-1151                    
Physiological Effects of Aquatic Exercise Program among the Elderly

Neda Shafaei Malekzadeh*, Mazaher Zolfaghari

Page No: 1152-1154                    
The Effect of Morning Exercise on the Competitiveness of High School Male Students

Ahmadreza Askari*, Ebrahim Vajdi, Fahime Gholipour

Page No: 1155-1159                    
Comparison of Work – Family and Family – Work Conflict in Physical Education teachers

Fadaei Elham, Bahmaei Sadegh*, Mehdipour Abdolrahman, Fadaei Elahe

Page No: 1160-1164                    
Assessment of sports safety in Azad universities of Isfahan

Zeinab Zivdar*, Batol Zivdar

Page No: 1165-1168                    

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