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IJSS : 2014 Volume 4 Number 8

Influence of daytime melatonin ingestion for four weeks and its impact on aerobic capacity


Page No: 855-858                    
The investigation of Relationship between Body Activity and Body Composition with Work Ability in Middle-aged women Teachers in Qazvin

Golnaz Faezi*, Shabnam Rezvan Nobahar, Maryam Alsadat Hashemi Taklimi

Page No: 859-862                    
The Effect of Social Functions of Media in Developing Urban Sport

Maryam Alsadat Hashemi Taklimi, Golnaz Faezi, Ali Shahhosseini

Page No: 863-867                    
Incentives and Productivity in ATP Tournament Settings

Lilyana T. Mladenova (M.S.)*, Darius J. Conger (Ph.D)

Page No: 868-883                    
Study the effect of eight weeks resistance and speed training on some factors of physical fitness among young wrestlers

Reza Hashemimad*, Mohammad Hasani, Mohammad Alimardani, Shahin Akbari, Amir Hoshang Monazzami

Page No: 884-890                    
The Comparison of Efficacy of Extracurricular Sport Activities in Guilan University and Islamic Azad University of Rasht Branch

Ali Shahhosseini*, Maryam Alsadat Hashemi Taklimi, Golnaz Faezi

Page No: 891-894                    
Effects of Eight Weeks of Pilates Exercise on General Health Condition of Aged Male Adults

Mohammad Javad Pourvaghar, Mohammad Ebrahim Bahram, Mohammad Reza Sharif, Mansour Sayyah*

Page No: 895-900                    
The Relationships between the upper extremity posture disorders and shyness in secondary school students

Nader Shaygan Asl*, Yüksel Savucu

Page No: 901-906                    
Acute effect of different warm-up stretch protocols on vertical jump performance in volleyball players

Rouhollah Haghshenas (PhD)*, Iman Taleb-Beydokhti (MSc), Sayyed Mohsen Avandi

Page No: 907-913                    
The association of anthropometric indicators and cardiovascularrisk factorsin Iranian men and women

Bahloul Ghorbanian

Page No: 914-920                    
The Effects of Whey Protein Supplementation on Lipid Profile, Serum Leptin and Body Composition during 12 Week Resistance Training in Obese Men

Mehdi Hakimi*, Mehdi Abbaspoor, Maryam Ali Mohammadi, Zoleikha Ghaderi

Page No: 921-927                    
The Relationships between the lower extremity posture disorders and shyness in secondary school students

Nader Shaygan Asl*, Yüksel Savucu

Page No: 928-932                    
Managerial Analysis of Sports Injuries in Ten Sports

Najmeh Arabnejad, Mohammad Hossein Yousefi Zarandi*

Page No: 933-937                    
The relationship between organizational culture and organizational trust in West Azarbayjan’s youth and sport administrations

Jamshid Yousefi*, Sardar Mohamadii, Mohammad Reza Moradi Chaleshtari

Page No: 938-942                    
Cultural Intelligence and Team Effectiveness: A Study of Sports Club Managers in Tehran

Azin Panahi Talkhestani*, Lila Sabbaghian Rad

Page No: 943-947                    
The relationship between emotional intelligence, general health and excitement expression

Mohammad Faraji*, Farideh Sharififar, Batoul Moshref Javadi

Page No: 948-952                    
The effect of motivational factors on physical education teachers of Shahrekord Education Dept

Khatereh Karami

Page No: 953-958                    
The effect of an arch supporting insole on postural sway and lower limb muscle activity

Farhad Samimi*, Mehrdad Anbarian, Uwe G. Kersting, Amir Sarshin

Page No: 959-966                    
Comparison of leisure based on new technologies in physical education and non-physical education students

Morteza Samimifar*, Esmaeil Sharifian, Kourosh Ghahraman Tabrizi

Page No: 967-972                    
The Effects of 8 Week Plyometric, Balance and Combination Training Program on Ankle Proprioception and Dynamic Balance

Behzad Jahangiri Esfahani*, Nader Rahnama, Mahdi Sabagh Langerodi

Page No: 973-977                    
Examine the relationship of perceived benefits to stages of exercise behavior change in the disabled in Zanjan

Atousa Taimouri*, Saeed Ashrafi

Page No: 978-983                    
The relationship between communication skills, organizational culture and organizational trust in the youth and sport administrations in west of country and presentation template

Jamshid Yousefi*, Sardar Mohamadii, Fariborz Fathi

Page No: 984-990                    
Structural Equation Modeling of the Role of organizational learning and intelligence in organizational Citizenship behavior among Iran Sports Federations Employees

Reza Sabounchi, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Razavi*, Saeed. Hatami, Masoud Yaminifirouz, Iraj Eyvazi

Page No: 991-998                    
The Role of Promotion Activities in the Development of the Clubs of Iran’s Premier League of Football

Sirous Ahmadi*, Ghasem Soliemani, Rohullah Movahedi Behrooz, Kazem Majidi

Page No: 999-1004                    
Effect of Play Therapy on Visual Memory in ADHD Children

Elham Foroozandeh*, Malihe Mahdieh

Page No: 1005-1009                    
Effect of sport stacking on fine motor proficiency of children with Down syndrome

Ehsan Zareian*, Fatemeh Delavarian

Page No: 1010-1016                    
Relationship between moral intelligence and coping strategies with conflicts among Taekwondo coaches of Iran with demographic characteristics

Khatereh Mohammad Beigi*, Ahmad Tabaeian

Page No: 1075-1079                    

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