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IJSS : 2014 Volume 4 Number 7

The Relation between Physical Fitness and Body Composition with General Health in Overweight and Obese High School Student Girls

Masoomeh Changizzadeh, Mostafa Nabizadeh*

Page No: 738-743                    
The Relationship between Coaching Leadership Styles and Achievement Motivation of Iran’s Professional and Amateurish Fencers

Mojtaba Abedini*, Mohammadreza Esmaili, Farshad Tojari

Page No: 744-750                    
Knee flexor muscles angle-dependent co-activation level during maximal isometric contraction by knee extensors

Nosratollah Hedayatpour*, Mehrdad Fathi

Page No: 751-755                    
The Relationship Between The Way of Participation in Playing Computer Games With Teenagers’ Aggression Participating in Summer Sports Classes

Ahmad Mahmoudi*, Mahdi Najafian Razavi, Tahereh Fateh, Vahid Khorasani, Somayeh Alimohammadi

Page No: 760-764                    
Identifying Obstacles to the Development of Mazandaran Nassaji Football Club

Abolfazl Darvishi*, Morteza Dousti, Masoomeh Kalate seifari

Page No: 765-770                    
The Effect of Short-Term Resistance Training and Silymarin Consumption on Some of Capillarization and Angiogenic Factors in Fat Male

Alireza Barari*, Seyed Hossein Alavi, Esmaeil zabihi

Page No: 771-775                    
The Relationship between the Self – Control and Personality Characteristics of Iran’s Referees of Male Football Premier League in 2011

Jamshid Vaziri1*, Youssef Mongashti, Mohammad Amin Saiady

Page No: 776-782                    
Relationship between Religious Attitude and Happiness of Physical Education Students of University Of Qom

Ahmad Alimardani, Mohammad Alimardani*, Mohsen Akbarpour Beni, Kianoosh Shajie

Page No: 783-788                    
The Effect of Developed Citizen Sport in Increased Prestige of Municipality

Masoud Imanzadeh*, Cemal Gündoğdu

Page No: 789-792                    
Efficacy of Combined Therapeutic Protocol (Kinesiotherapy and Massage) on Dynamic Equilibrium in the Male Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain Due To Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease

Reza Khanzadeh, Mohammad Dawood Rahimi*, Ali Akbar Hashemi Javaheri, Farzad Omidi-Kashani

Page No: 793-798                    
Effect of Arm and Leg Exercise on Heart Autonomic Function in Children

Mehdi Ahmadian, Valiollah Dabidi Roshan*, Mozhdeh Dabirian

Page No: 799-804                    
The Municipality’s Role in the Development of Sport for All from Citizen’s Views

Masoud Imanzadeh*, Cemal Gündoğdu

Page No: 806-809                    
The Comparison of Male and Female Tourists ‘Satisfaction with Service Quality in Marine Protected Areas in the Province of Mazandaran

Mahbobe Abedi Samakosh*, Farzam Farzan, Morteza Dosti

Page No: 810-817                    
Effect of Acute High Intensity Exercise in Hypoxic Conditions on Plasma IL6, IL-1ra in Male Wistar Rat

Farshad Ghazalian, Fatemeh Fakhari Rad*, Khosro Ebrahim, Jalal Izady Mobarakeh

Page No: 818-822                    
Effects of Feedback after Successful Trials, Normative Feedback, and Self-Controlled Feedback on Learning of Badminton Service

Elham Panahi Broujeni*, Masoumeh Shojaei, Afkham Daneshfar

Page No: 823-829                    
The Prevalence of the Use of Ergogenic Aids and Awareness of Their Side Effects among Iranian Body Builders

Fatemeh Fakhari rad*, Mandana Gholami

Page No: 830-835                    
The Effect of Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) Supplementation after 8 weeks of endurance training on Serum Lipid profile in atherosclerotic patients

Soleimani Mahdi*, Ebrahimi Farahnaz,HasanShahiMahshid, Nemati Alaeddin, Hashemi GhiriElham, Hadizadeh Ali, Asodeh Mehran, Mozafari Mehran

Page No: 836-842                    
Effects of isotonic exercise on knee osteoarthritis in middle-aged women

Sara Farajollah lavasani*, Farshad Ghazalian, Mandana Gholami

Page No: 843-847                    
Comparison effect of three methods of resistance, endurance and concurrent exercises on coagulation markers and serum lipid Profile of non-athlete male collage students

Mahsa Rezaee*, Mahdi Soleimani, Mahshid Hasanshahi,Farahnaz Ebrahimi, Mojtaba Ebrahimi, Alaeddin Nemati, Azadeh mohamad nejad, Ebrahim Naderi

Page No: 848-854                    
Effect of Whole Body Vibration Training on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Iranian Inactive Middle-aged Women

Mahnoosh Salari nahand*, Farzaneh Movaseghi

Page No: 756-759                    

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