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IJSS : 2014 Volume 4 Number 5

The Effect of 12 Weeks of Selective Aerobic Exercise on Insulin, Insulin Resistance and GGT Enzymes in Middle-Aged Type II Diabetic Women

Mohamad Reza RamzanPour, Somaye Mousavian*, Seyed Mahmoud Hejazi

Page No: 502-507                    
The Effect of 12 Weeks of Selective Aerobic Exercise on Insulin Resistance and Hepatic Enzymes in Middle-Aged Type II Diabetic Women

Mohamad Reza RamzanPour, Somaye Mousavian*, Seyed Mahmoud Hejazi

Page No: 508-513                    
The Relationship Between Mental Health and Body Image of Subjects Suffering From Forward Head Posture

Neda Rezvankhah Golsefidi*, kiumars Moradi, Seyed Ali Emami Hashemi, Anahita Younesi Ramdani

Page No: 514-518                    
The Relationship Between Improvisation of Work Values and Individual Creativity Among Physical Education Teachers Through Isfahan Province

Ahmadreza Askari*, Majid Khorvash, Fatemeh Khasheie

Page No: 526-530                    
The Relationship between Mental Health with Job Stress, Quality of Work Life, and Self-efficacy among Referees

Somaye Nazari*, Farshad Tojari, Mohhamad Reza Esmaeili

Page No: 531-539                    
Comparison of didactic factors of physical education from physical educational teachers’ sight in private and public elementary Female schools of Kerman City

Faezeh Ebrahimipour*, Tahmours Nooraee, Esmaeil Sharifian

Page No: 540-546                    
The effect of selected Hatha Yoga and pranayama exercise on motor and cognitive function in elderly women

Ali Ashraf Khazaei (PhD), Bahram Yousefi (PhD), Nasrin Kahrizi* (M.Sc.)

Page No: 547-553                    
Motor Variability and Performance in Postural Control System

Abbas Bahram, Mohsen Mohammadi, Farhad Ghadiri

Page No: 554-561                    
Effect of 12 Weeks of Aerobic Training on Blood Pressure and Happiness in the Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Gholamreza Ahmad Nia*, Hamed Alizadeh Pahlavani, Amin Boyerahmadi

Page No: 562-566                    
To Present a Model to Determine Effective Factors of Job Behavior on Athlete’s Satisfaction in an Athletic Staff

Hossein Poursoltani Zarandi (Ph.D)*, Raheleh Sadat Vaghefi Nazari (M.A), Masomeh Ahadi

Page No: 567-574                    
Neutrophil Function Response to Acute and Moderate Exercise in Sedentary Males

Ahmad Arbabi

Page No: 575-583                    
Competencies of The First and Second Division Track and Field Coaches

Ioannis Stavropoulos, Alexandra Tripolitsioti, Stefanos Giakoumatos, Apostolos Stergioulas*

Page No: 584-590                    
The Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Justice and The Desire For Violence in The Workplace Among Employees in Fars Sport Departments

Vali Nouzari*, Younes Mohammadzadeh, Hasan Edrisi

Page No: 591-595                    
The Correlation Between Football Referees’ Amount of Stress and Their Performance

Seyyed Hadi Hosseini Alavije*, Manmath M.Gharote, Ghasem Rahimi, Saead Rostami

Page No: 596-600                    
Is Biomechanically Related Q-Angle To A–Angle?

Mahdi Amel Khabazan* (Ph.D scholar), Amir Shahriar Aryamanesh (Prof), L. B. Laxmikanth Rathod (Prof), Mohamad Hosein Khabaz (PT), Ali Hoseleh (Ms scholar), Samira Nadali (Ms) Abolfazl Bakhshizadeh (Ms scholar), Hashem Khodadadi (Ms), Teimour Darzabi (PhD Scholar)

Page No: 601-608                    
A Study of the Effects of Previous Lower Limb Ligament Injury on Static Balance in Soccer Players

Mahdi Majlesi*, Elahe Azadian

Page No: 609-613                    
Study of graduate student’s adherence into physical education in relate to the research ethics principles in: Islamic Azad University

Iman Nastaran Boroujeni*, Ali Hematian

Page No: 614-618                    
The study of coaches’emotional intelligence based on demographic characteristics

Zeinab zivdar*, Batol zivdar, Mohamad taghi mahmodi

Page No: 619-622                    
Evaluation of the Physical Education curriculum of the elementary school from viewpoint of Physical Education teachers of Kerman province (Iran)

Afsaeh Zare*, Tahmurs Nouraii, Esmaiel Sharifian

Page No: 623-630                    

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