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IJSS : 2014 Volume 4 Number 4

Effect of Panax Ginseng on Indicators of Physiological, Blood Biochemical, and Body Composition during Strength Training of Male Power Lifting Athletes

Arzeghar Mahdi (Msc), Hematfar Ahmad (Ph.D), Naghibzadeh Seyedeh Maryam*, Rashnavadinejad Jabar(Msc)

Page No: 380-385                    
Study of The Relationship Between Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Physical Education Teachers in Tehran City

Mahdieh porshariati*, Morteza Dousti, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi

Page No: 386-393                    
Narcissism and Its Relations With Beliefs About Body Appearance and Personal Characteristics Among Elite Body Builders

Yousef Yavari

Page No: 394-399                    
Evaluation of kyphosis in Mazandaran University of science and technology students and its relation to psychological factors

Fatemeh Nikkhoo Amiri*, Maryam Jafarian, Mohammad Bagher Forghani Ozrudi

Page No: 400-404                    
The Effect of Eight Weeks Perceptual-Motor Exercises on Static Balance, Dynamic Balance of 8-10 Year-Old Children in Kermanshah

Sayedeh Maedeh Basam Tabar*, Hamid Forughi Pour

Page No: 405-411                    
Effects of Sport Exercises and Thyme on The Improvement of Health and Mental and Physical Symptoms Of Menstruation Among Female Students of Abhar Islamic Azad University in Iran

Fatemeh Afshari*, Sara Azizi, Hengameh Ghasemi Dehkordi, Akram Sadri

Page No: 412-414                    
Study of the relationship between organizational culture and TQM implementation in West clubs of Mazandaran province

Omolbanin Delfanian*, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi, Ali Mohammad Safania

Page No: 415-420                    
Effects of Eight Weeks of Perceptual Motor Training on Perceptual Motor Performance in Children Aged 8-10 Years in Kermanshah

Sayedeh Maedeh Basam Tabar

Page No: 421-427                    
The Relationship between the Self efficacy and Internal and External Imagery Ability with table tennis athlete’s performance

Mahshad Ebadian*, Farshad Tojari, Ameneh Shokri, Fatemeh Payvandi, Mahmoud Naeimaei, Azita kashani

Page No: 428-433                    
The effects of water-based exercises on depressive symptoms and non-specific low back pain in retired professional athletes: a randomized controlled trial

Morteza Taheri*, (Ph.D), Khadijeh Irandoust (Ph.D)

Page No: 434-440                    
Comparing The Effects of The Plyometric Exercise on Sand, Grass and Wood Surfaces on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness Of Young Athletes

Omid Ghorbani Lahmian, Dr Mohsen Salesi, Hosein Dast Bar Hagh*, Dr Mehdi kargarfard

Page No: 441-447                    
The Effect of Stress on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate of High School Girls

Sheyda Khoshemehry, Arsalan Khanmohammadi, Mohammad Ebrahim Bahram

Page No: 448-451                    
The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Conflicts Among Employees of Sport and Youth Departments in East Azerbaijan

Abdolhoseynzade Akbar*, Mokhtari Laya

Page No: 452-457                    
Lipocalin-2: Response To Resistance Training in Obese Young Men

Amin Mohammadi Domieh*, Ali Khajehlandi

Page No: 458-461                    
The Effect of Instructional And Motivational Self Talking on The Penalty Accuracy Of Novice Handball’s Players

Mohsen Afrouzeh*, Mehdi Sohrabi, Amir Haghkhah, Soheyla Goharrokhi, Fatemeh Rowshani

Page No: 462-466                    
Is Depressive Symptoms Influenced by Abdominal Obesity Changes Among Iranian Older Persons?

Khadijeh Irandoust

Page No: 467-471                    
The Impact of Television, Radio, Internet and Newspapers in the Development of Sport

Bilal Çoban*, Masomeh Pour Asgar, Akbar Asghari

Page No: 472-479                    
The Effect of Three Models of Observational Learning on Acquisition and Learning of Archery’s Skill in Novice Boy Adolescents

Gholamreza Lotfi*. Mostafa Mohammadpour

Page No: 480-486                    
Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning Presentation of the Model Club SCERP

Ahmad Reza Kiani*, Mehdi Namazizadeh, Masoud Ansarimehr, Mina Mostahfezian

Page No: 487-496                    
Athletes predictive atrophy of trainers decide on the style of karate and basketball leagues Iran

Vali Nouzari

Page No: 497-501                    
Surveying the Levels of Physical Exercise Among The Staff of Youth and Sports Offices in Kohgilooye and Boyer Ahmad Province

Ahmadreza Askari*, Majid Khorvash, Somayeh Hoseini

Page No: 519-525                    

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