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IJSS : 2013 Volume 3 Number 11

Relationship between Organizational Justice and Job Satisfaction in Ministry of Sports and Youth in Iran

Ali Karimi, Osman Alipour*, Motalleb Ahmad Pour, Bisotoon Azizi

Page No: 1149-1156                    
Athletic Trainers in High School Sport: Physical Education Teacher Candidates’ Perspectives


Page No: 1157-1163                    
Study of barriers and challenges for recreational and sport activities of students Mazandaran universities from faculty members of physical education and exercise science of Mazandaran Province viewpoint (with strategic approach)

Hadis Amraee*, Ali Mohammad Safania, Farzam Farzan

Page No: 1164-1171                    
Strategy design on development of sport for all with the approach of Water Park in Mashhad city

Azita Kashani*, Ali Mohammad Safania, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi

Page No: 1172-1189                    
Comparison of anaerobic power between male and female with considering lean body mass

Najmeh Arabnejad, Seyed Ali Nojoomi, Mohammad Hossein Yousefi, Rouhollah Khaje Karim Addini*

Page No: 1190-1195                    
The investigation of the model of leading and mining the management of the schools (high schools) Shiraz

Somayeh Dehghani*, Fatemeh Shirvani Nasab, Firozeh Ebrahimi, Khatoun Tahmouresi, Mahdi Omidzadeh Monfared, Maryam Khyrde

Page No: 1196-1201                    
The study of conditions of indoor pools’ safety and health in Yazd province according to the national and international standards

Mehr Ali Hemmatinezhad, Saeid Fallah Mehrabadi*, Rasoul Faraji, Maryam Alikhani

Page No: 1202-1210                    
Survey Aesthetics Criteria in the design and construction of urban sports Places

Adeleh Azimi Delarestaghi*, Seyed Mohammad Hosein Razavi, Hasan Shafizadeh, Hadis Amraee

Page No: 1211-1219                    
Survey motivation of successful and unsuccessful young athletes in ball sports

Maryamalsadat Hashemi Taklimi , Fatemeh Abdollahi*, Shirin Zardoshtian, Mozafar Yektayar

Page No: 1220-1227                    
The Standardization Questionnaire & Planning Ethics Codes for Paragliding Pilot

Hossein Poursoltani, Ahmadreza Askari*, Aazam Nourallah

Page No: 1228-1236                    
The relationship between Organizational Culture and creativity in Physical Education Experts in University of Applied Science and Technology

Seyyed Abolfazle Tajali*, Ali Mohammad Safania, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi

Page No: 1237-1245                    
The Comparison of Stress and Burnout levels in Selected Sports Referees

Mohsen Shafiei*, Abbas Khodayari, Alireza Hashemizad

Page No: 1246-1251                    
Comparing of bone’s mineral content and density in youth artistic and trampoline gymnastics

Seyyed Mahmoud Hejazi*, Seyyed Mohsen Hosseini, Mohammad Ali Yasrebi

Page No: 1252-1258                    
The effect of socioeconomic situation of family on physical activities of 10-12 years old students of Kermanshah city

Sardar mohamadi*, Abdulwahab Omidi

Page No: 1259-1265                    
The relation among the citizenship behavior, the total quality management and the organizational effectiveness of the physical education office

Mohammad Rahim Ramezanian, Seyed Sajad Hosseini, Ali Ashkani, Ameneh Bastchi, Mousa Jalili

Page No: 1266-1272                    
Assessment of the critical velocity values of young swimmers using a monofin, determined according to two different methods

Arı Erdal, Sözen Hasan, Cihan Hamit

Page No: 1273-1280                    
Assessment and strategic planning for In-Door and Out-Door sports with the application of SWOT analysis and AHP in fuzzy environment

Fahimeh Lotfi Nejad, Hamed RashidZadeh, Reza Fattahi, Hossein Vahidi*

Page No: 1281-1291                    

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