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IJSS : 2013 Volume 3 Number 10

A Comparison of Environmental Values: The Effect of Outdoor Recreation

Umit Dogan USTUN*, Osman GUMUSGUL, Utku ISIK, Duygu H. DEMIREL, Mehmet DEMIREL

Page No: 1023-1029                    
Effect of aquatic exercise in water on mood and phsycological response of Iran’s jodo national team’s athlete

Reza Habibi

Page No: 1030-1038                    
Comparison the effect of corrective exercises course with or without palmer insole on the balance of athletes aged (5-17) having flat foot

Khadijeh Babaie*, Yahya sokhangoie, Fatemeh Omidali

Page No: 1039-1042                    
The study of opportunities and threats facing physical education graduate students’ research and educational activities in the field of entrepreneurship

Masood Naderian Jahromi*, Somayeh Rahbari

Page No: 1043-1048                    
Cognitive Function and Acute Aerobic Exercise Intensities: Investigating the Role of Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity

Mohammad Maleki*, Abbas Bahram, Hamid Rajabi, Ahmad Farrokhi

Page No: 1049-1058                    
Massive amounts of practice and similarity of performance between ipsilateral and contralateral players

M. NabaviNik*, A. Moghaddam, S. Goharrokhi

Page No: 1059-1064                    
The relationship between leadership style and creativity in physical education experts in university of applied science and technology

Seyyed Abolfazle Tajali, Ali Mohammad Safania, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi

Page No: 1065-1072                    
The Effects of Attention Focus and Practice Arrangement on Performance Accuracy and Learning of Underhand Volleyball Serve

Shaghayegh Modaberi*, Masoumeh Nehbandanian

Page No: 1073-1080                    
Study of economic factors of Olympic Games on the host cities from professors and experts viewpoint Case study: London 2012 Olympic

Ameneh Shokri*, Seyyed Jafar Moosavi, Morteza Dousti

Page No: 1081-1086                    
The Japanese immigration influenceon the formation and development of Brazilian judo

Alexandre Velly Nunes, Katia Rubio*

Page No: 1087-1094                    
Brand equity Value dimensions effect assessment on Sport Cloth brands valuing in Sport goods Venders View

Aghileh Tabatabaie*, Esmaeil Sharifian, Kourosh Ghahraman Tabrizi

Page No: 1095-1101                    
Standardize the effective factors on sport tourism development questionnaire

Hossein Poursoltani Zarandi, Mohamad Soltan Hoseini, Hediyeh Abdollahi*

Page No: 1102-1108                    
The relationship between anthropometric characteristics, somatotype, and breaststroke performance after a 12-session training period

Lila Sabbaghian Rad*, Vojdan Mohammadi

Page No: 1109-1115                    
Investigation of the factors affecting the valuation of sports clothing brands from sporting goods sellers’ point of view

Aghileh Tabatabaie*, Esmaeil Sharifian, KouroshGhahraman Tabrizi

Page No: 1116-1125                    
The relationship between parent’s attitude and children’s attitude toward Physical Activity

Mehr Ali Hemmatinezhad*, Ayoub Behrozi, Rahim Ramazani-nejad, Sajad Namjoo, Rasol Faraji,Farzam Farzan

Page No: 1126-1131                    
Does Hata Yuga Effect on Reduction of Women Stress Indicators?

Nasrin Sadeghi, Elham Foroozandeh

Page No: 1132-1136                    
A comparison of common methods for static, semi-dynamic, and dynamic balance assessmentin 12 to 15year old girls with different somatotypes

Lila Sabbaghian Rad*, Zahra Mamashi, Heidar Sadeghi

Page No: 1137-1148                    

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