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IJSS : 2013 Volume 3 Number 3

The import of mental skills on the sport anxiety aspects of Iranian athlete students

Peyman Mehrpouyan, Ramin Iraji Noghondar, Hamid Reza Taheri

Page No: 230-235                    
A study of organizational commitment of volunteers and employees in physical education administrations of Iran Universities

Reza Andam

Page No: 236-241                    
The Study of Knee Alignment in Elite Soccer Players

Seyed Majid Tabatabaei Nejad, Hassan Daneshmandi

Page No: 242-245                    
The study of existing program and design talent identification suggestions in soccer players in Khuzestan

Jamshid Hemati, Sedighe Eslami, Mahtab Najafi

Page No: 246-252                    
Sport injuries of knee in relation to malalignment in top athletes

Majid Tabatabaei Nezhad, Hassan Daneshmandi, Mehrzad Moghaddasi

Page No: 253-257                    
Improving the nursing students’ assertiveness skills by participating in recreational physical activities

Dr. Korkmaz Yiğiter

Page No: 258-262                    
The analysis impact of Human Resource Management and Intellectual Capital on Organizational Performance in Physical Education Organization of Iran

Peyman Akbari, Reza Rostami and Akbar Veismoradi

Page No: 263-273                    
Effect of physical health on burnout dimensions in male and females Physical education teachers

Mohammadbagher Forghani Ozrudi, Aliakbar Raeispour, Ali Hasanpour, Esmaeil Tahmasbpour, Azar Akbari Zameni

Page No: 274-279                    
An investigation into the prediction of organizational time management skill of physical education managers through their personal time management skill

Saeed Sadeghi Boroujerdi, Kaveh Hasani

Page No: 280-283                    
Coaches Evaluation of Comprehensive Software for Teaching Soccer Tactics and Strategies

Fahimeh Hajighiasian, Vahid Zolaktaf,Mohammad esmaeili

Page No: 284-291                    
The Relationship between Perceived Power Sources of Coaches and Satisfaction of Iranian Elite Judokas

Mohammad Ehsani, Mohammad Hassan Mottaghi Shahri, Rasool Norouzi Seyed Hossini, Elham Gholampour Golkaran

Page No: 292-298                    
Sport Economy or Economic Sport

Dr. Esmaeel Malek-Akhlagh, Seyyed Sajjad Hosseini, Salman Seddigh, Ali Ashkani

Page No: 299-307                    
Ratio of Strength and ROMs of Shoulder’s Internal / External Rotation in Iranian Athlete of Zurkhaneh

Hamid Dehnavi, Hassan Daneshmandi, Hossein Shohrokhi, Amin Rashidlamir

Page No: 308-312                    
The effect of progressive short-time aerobic training on OGTT and insulin level in young men

Seyyed Mahmood Hosseini, Abbas Ghanbari Niaki

Page No: 313-318                    
Effect of short term consumption of cocoa on platelet factors (Plt, MPV, PDW) in male athletes following one session incremental exhaustive exercise

Mehdi Soleimani, Somayeh Dehghani, Ayub Mahdivand, Zahra Nematallahi, Fatemeh Javdan, Afsaneh Abtin, Somayeh Saffari

Page No: 319-326                    
Effect of Vitamin C Intake Following Exhaustive Aerobic Exercise on Serum Immunoglobulins A and G in Karate Athletes

Fakhradin Hasanloei, Mohammad Khaled Dodman, Jonaid Kalantar

Page No: 327-333                    
Relationship between demographic characteristics and risk management operations aqua complex managers of Khorasan Razavi

Masoud Aghaei, Ma

Page No: 334-338                    
The effect of three months swimming training on 12-15 year old non-athlete boy students’ self-confidence scale

Mohammadbagher Forghani Ozrudi, Javad Alizadeh, Davood Gholipour

Page No: 350-354                    

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