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IJSS : 2013 Volume 3 Number2

Effects of Pilates Training on Some Physiological Parameters and Cardiovascular Risk Factors of Middle Aged Sedentary Women


Page No: 122-129                    
Relationship of School Managers’ Leadership Styles with Efficiency of Physical Education Teachers

Mohammadbagher Forghni, Ghasem Soleimani, Rahman Haghshenas, Mohammad Ahmadi

Page No: 130-135                    
The relationship between organizational perceived justice and organizational perceived politic among the sport organization experts of Tehran municipality

Mehrzad Hamidi, Mohammad Khabiri, Mahdi Shariati Feizabadi

Page No: 150-155                    
Comparison of trait anger and anger expression of Blind Athletes

Atalay GACAR

Page No: 156-162                    
Investigation of Self-Esteem Levels of Blind Athletes


Page No: 163-168                    
The Effects of Aerobic Training on Pulmonary Function in Postmenopausal Women

Mahtab Moazami, Samaneh Farahati

Page No: 169-174                    
Comparison Quality of Life between Male users and Non-users of Municipal Sport Facilities in 14 municipality areas of Isfahan city

Somayeh Rahbari, Mina Mostahfezian, Masood Naderian Jahromi

Page No: 175-179                    
The causes of sport crises

Ezatollah Shamansouri (PhD)

Page No: 180-186                    
Relations between Job Satisfaction dimensions with Organizational Commitment of personnel in physical education organization of Iran (Case study: physical education general department of West Country)

Yousef Jalilian, Amir Mohammad Samadi

Page No: 187-193                    
The Relationship between Role Clarity and Job Compatibility in the Sport and Physical Education Office

Gashtasb Azarpira, Ali Yaghobi, Mohammadbagher Forghani, Ghasem Soleimani

Page No: 194-198                    
Sport spectatorship motives of Malaysian University students

Arporn Popa, Aminuddin Yusof, Parilah Mohd Shah, Soh Kim Geok

Page No: 199-204                    
Examination of self-respect and decision-making styles in decision-making of individuals participating in the training of camp leadership

Atalay GACAR*, Eyyup NACAR, Zeki COSKUNER, Ilimdar YALCIN

Page No: 205-211                    
The acute effects of different stretching durations on vertical jump performance in trained male athletes


Page No: 212-217                    
The Effect of Six Months of Aerobic training on Renal Function Markers in Untrained Middle-Aged Women

Nahid Bijeh, Samaneh Farahati

Page No: 218-224                    
Correlation between life quality and shyness levels of parents with handicapped children

Correlation between life quality and shyness levels of parents with handicapped children

Page No: 225-229                    

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