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IJSS : 2012 Volume 2 Number 4

Studying the rate of job stress among the disabled employees of state admin nistrations in Kermanshah pprovince, with focus on physical activities

Emadodin Sayadi. Tahmoores Nouraei. Ismail Sharifian. Mahdi Sharifi Moghadam

Page No: 180-185                    
Comparative Study of Relation between Principal’s Leadership Styles and Organizational Commitment of Physical Education Teachers

Mehdi Abbaspour. Sedighe Heydarinejad. Tahere Azmsha

Page No: 186-192                    
Relationship between quality of work life and organizational commitment of employees of Youth and Sport Department of Mazandaran province

M. Dousti. M. Abbasi. A. Khalili

Page No: 193-197                    
An investigation of stress management techniques in group and individual athletes in Rasht City

Masoud Aghaei (MSc). Abouzar Yahyapour(MSC). Mehdi Talebpour (PhD). Keyvan Hejazi(MSc)

Page No: 198-203                    
Study the factors related to violence against women in Kerman in 2010-11 (A case study: female employees in Shafa Hospital)

Sodabeh Rahimi. Mohsen amini zadeh. Emadodin Sayadi

Page No: 204-210                    
Spatial Attention among Female Teenagers Involved in Sports Exercises and Non-athlete Girls

Alireza Babadi(M.A). Elham Foroozandeh(Ph.D)

Page No: 211-213                    
Effect of two types of visual feedback upon the acquisition and retention of an asymmetric bimanual coordination task: a case of female students of Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

Hamideh Jafari Gandomani. Nahid ShetabBoushehri. Parvane Shafynia. Mohammadreza Doustan

Page No: 214-219                    
Assessment of the Critical Success Factors (CSF) of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Manufacturing Sector of Iranian Sports Industry

Mahdi Sharifi Moghadam.Esmaeil Sharifian. Kurosh Ghahraman Tabrizi

Page No: 220-226                    

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