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IJSS : 2011 Volume 1 Number 3

Investigating the Structure and Content of Iranian Sports Websites

Mahdi Sharifi Moghadam. Faezeh Zamanian. Emadodin Sayyadi. Shahrzad Shojaheydari

Page No: 105-111                    
Investigating the Citizens’ Attitudes Toward the Utility Index of Health Stations

Mahdi Sharifi Moghaddam. Emadodin Sayadi. Faezeh Zamanian. Shahrzad Shojaheydari

Page No: 112-117                    
Line Bisection Task in Substance Abusers: A Neuropsychological View

Elham Foroozandeh

Page No: 118-123                    
Assessing the Obstacles in Relation to Information Consistency in Management Systems for Sports Committees

Mahnaz Noroullah. Leila Zameni. Mahdi Sharifi Moghaddam. Reza Rezaeeshirazi

Page No: 124-128                    
Invastigation Of Knee Pain, Risk Of Fall, Range Of Motion Before And After Shallow Water Exercise In Women With Knee Oa

Faezeh Zamanian

Page No: 129-133                    
Political interference in the sport associations in the countries of the Western Balkans

MladenKaradzoski . Julijana Siljanoska

Page No: 134-143                    
Relationship between Organizational Structure and Staff’s Innovation of physical Education Offices in Khuzestan Province

Sedighe Heydarinejad. Seyede Nahid Shetab Boushehri. Sare Delfani

Page No: 144-152                    
The effect of aquatic exercise on pain and postural control in women with low back pain

Leila zameni. Mina Haghighi

Page No: 153-157                    

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