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IJSS : 2012 Volume 2 Number 1

Factors Associated With The Incidence of Injury Wrestling From The Perspective of Wrestlers

Naser Tagibeglo. Farnaz Zanganeh. Zabiholah Tarasi. Davood Moganloo

Page No: 17-22                    
Evaluating the Qualitative Status of Work Life of Employed Disables With Focus on Sport Activity

Mahdi Sharifi Moghadam. Mehdi Namazi Zadeh. Esmaeil Sharifian. Faezeh Zamanian.Ali moharer

Page No: 1-8                    
The Effect of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Training on Hamstring Muscles Flexibility and Agility

Reza Rezaeeshirazi. Farnaz Zanganeh. Yaghob Beiki

Page No: 9-16                    
Determination of the Thoracic Kyphosis and lumbar lordosis in the Male Students and its Relationship with Some Daily Habits

Zabiholah Tarasi . Hojat Mohammadi Mougani. Farnaz Zanganeh. Ali Kalantari. Naser Tagibeglo

Page No: 23-30                    
A Comparison of the Gross and Fine Motor Skills of Athletes and Non-Athletes with Down’s syndrome

Shahin Jalali. Lila Sabbaghian Rad. Shiva Fahimi

Page No: 31-35                    
Identification of the Ergonomic Properties of Exercise Equipment in Parks with an Emphasis on the Anthropometric Characteristics of Iranian Women: A Case Study of Leg Press Machines

Maryam Mohammadi. Heidar Sadeghi. Hasan S. Na’ini

Page No: 36-41                    
Comparison athletic identity between a team and individual sport

Masoumeh Hadiyan. Zahra Niliahmadabadi. Mahmood Sheikh

Page No: 42-47                    
The Effect of Selected Physical Exercises on Gross Motor Skills of Autistic Children

Lila Sabbaghian Rad. Foroozan Rafiee. Shiva Fahimi

Page No: 48-55                    
The Effect of Relaxing Music on Changes in Heart Rate and Blood Pressure during Recovery after a Vigorous Exercise in Young Female Athletes

Hojatolah Nikbakht. Rosa Ghavam Bakhtiar. Mohammad V. Mousavi

Page No: 56-61                    
Athletic Identity Differences in Winners of Asia Volleyball Competitions (2011)

Masoumeh Hadiyan. Zahra Niliahmadabadi. Rasoule Hemayattalab

Page No: 62-68                    
The relation between organizational culture and creativity: A case study on physical education experts in Education Administrations

MehrAli Hemmatinezhad. Shahram Shafiee. Mohsen Sharari. Mohammad hemmatinezhad

Page No: 69-78                    

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